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May’s obsession

May was in her home town of littleroot and was see Prof Birch for no reason. When Birch had left the room to nothing unparticular May was looking at all of the gadgets that were on Birch’s desk until she spotted one that she liked. It was a growth ray and could increase the size of any human being or just one part of their body. Birch came back into the room, May then asked “can I have one these gadgets please Birch”, “sure whatever” replied Birch who hadn’t been listening. May took the growth ray and headed back to her house that was only 12 steps away went up to her room took all of her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror to see what she could increase in size. First she increased her size until she was 6 foot 6, then she gave herself a bigger waste, then finally increased her beasts to a size double D. After this she then made her clothes bigger using the growth ray as well. Putting her clothes back on she noticed a bit of paper attached to the bottom of the growth ray. May picked up the growth ray and found out that they were instructions for the device.

Half an hour later when May had finished reading the instructions she had found that it could be set to work on only one persons DNA. Following the instructions she pulled out one of her hairs and placed it into a tiny tray that had come out the machine then the tray went back into the growth ray then it beeped politely and all was finished. Then she went into her wardrobe and increased the size of all her bikinis, tops, skirts etc. Then she heard her mum calling from downstairs “May lunch is ready”. May was about to go down stairs when she stopped she could let her mum see her like this, she looked in the instructions to see if she could do anything. Then she found a memory altering mode on the growth ray that would change someone’s memory so that they would not notice the difference. So she went down the stairs waited until her mums back was turned and zapped her, then she put the growth ray in the pocket then walked into the room.

During lunch the newspaper (the daily lamppost) came through the door. May who had just finished her lunch went to pick it up and started to read it, when she was half way through the paper she saw an advert for swimsuit modeling contest in Slateport City.  May thought to herself “with this hot new body I’d with that contest easily and if I see any one with a better body I can just mine look better”. So she packed her things including several bikinis and the growth ray in a bag then she used her Swellow to fly to Slateport City. She then headed down to the beach were people where many attractive young women were sighing there names for the swimsuit contest. The queue was extremely long and the girl in front of May had obviously gotten bored and started to talk to May. She was young white girl with a good tan the same age as May whose name was Kathy Scott, she had shoulder length black hair with blond highlights, she was the about 2 inches taller than May and she also had bigger breasts as well. May was angry at Kathy but she did want to win so she was going to increase her height and breast when she had gotten a room. 15 minutes later they were still in the queue and May was still talking to Kathy. Kathy then said to May “Hey May I got a double bed room at the Pok’e’Mon centre here cause all the singles were booked, so do ya wanna share rooms with me”. “Yer okay” said May thinking about how much money she would save.

Later that day (in the evening) after May and Kathy had written their names down for the swimsuit contest they had both gone back to the room that Kathy had booked at the local Pok’e’Mon centre. May started to unpack and when Kathy wasn’t looking she made all of her clothes bigger so that they would fit her when she had made herself bigger, then she put them in the wardrobe so that Katy wouldn’t notice that the y to big even for her. May then said to Kathy “just going for a shower”. She went into the bathroom and took the growth ray out of her pocket and made herself 6inches taller and increased her breasts to a size double G. Then she opened the door a crack and then shot Kathy with the memory altering part of the ray. She then closed the door. Unfortunately May’s clothes hadn’t grown with her so they had ripped a bit and were rather tight. So it took a while for May to get her clothes off before she had her shower, finally she had gotten all of her clothes off and got into the shower. While she was in the shower she examined herself to she what she looked like and she looked hot. After her shower May got the biggest towel and wrapped it round her body then she hid the growth ray in the towel she used to keep her hair up.
this is a completly new May GTS story and Sonic the Hedgehog is now starring init unless someone asks nicely
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12345td Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its alright but you could of went into deeper detail about the expansion.
EvilOmega777 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2007
Not bad but I don't think you described the BE and growth in enough detail.
SexyOmaru Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2007   Photographer
Very nice love the concept, so this May is from Pokemon but wheres Ash and Brock to gaze at her sexy new body? I'm going to read part right now if you have it up.
Sanone Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2007
Hmm, it has an interesting concept to it. Although, and this is just my opinion, I think you move it a bit too fast. If you made the pace a bit slower, then it would be even better. =3
speedmanic91 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2007
glad u liked it by the way it should say sonic is not starring not now starring
redacegod350 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2007
Awsome,another may gts story from speedmanic91.I can't wait to see part 2 of this story:D great work
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